Book Spectrum is a new podcast dedicated to looking into the minds and thoughts of the writers of new and interesting books. It is something of a “You need to read this” series.

Host Chris Cordani has been in radio for over 25 years on both sides of the microphone, having produced programs airing in top U.S. markets and those of the U.K. and Australia. Having read several books to prepare himself and his hosts for on-air conversations, Chris decided to launch Book Spectrum to bring highlight  interesting stories and perspectives he comes across with their creators.

The show will be launched very soon and will be available on this site and several digital outlets. Stay tuned. We will continue to build until launch time.

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  1. Hi Chris – thank you so much for choosing to interview me yesterday. You have a nice way about you that made me feel comfortable. I only hope that I was effective in communicating this important message. FYI, it is my hope that this message gains worldwide attention and that I can manage to continue sharing it with others while being able to still provide for my family through book sales. Anyway, I am hopeful you will edit out anything from me that did not sound good to you. I wish you much success in your podcast. All the best Chris and thank you again!

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