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The Transhumanist Quest for Immortality with Dr. David Martorano

Immortality is a long-coveted fantasy of many a fictional supervillain and one which has intrigued many among us. It’s an idea which invokes both wonder and fear, but often sought by those who desire to stay alive for varied reasons. How does one gain immortality? Is modern transhumanist science – combining the powers of tech with one’s human bran and body – the answer? At what cost would one want to become immortal? Would it a gift, curse or perhaps both at the same time? Dr. David Martorano explores the questions from varied points of view while telling a fascinating story in Immortality.
In the book, Dr. Martorano takes the reader to New Babylon, a post-E-pocalypse technology-dominated future world run by artificial intelligence and occupied by the results of humans merging with computers (similar to the vision of today’s transhumanists, some of whom are devising microchips for human brains).
The author’s fictional world has some interesting parallels to our own: The corporate technocrats, the tech-worshippers, those wary of the dangers of a technocracy, anti-tech extremists and many who are caught in the middle.
Dr. Mortorano cleverly balances the positive impacts of alternative intelligence and transhumanist tech with its destructive potential, asking two rather interesting questions: What happens if people lost much of their humanity in exchange for computer-based convenience and could powerful artificial intelligence gain a level of humanity as the two entities interact? He offers perspectives on the latter through an AI named MARTIN, who balances his role in the world and his familiarity with humans. Dr. Martorano takes a rather intriguing look at the world today’s Transhumanists fantasize about through their ambitious lenses. He also looks at the extreme on the other side, which see technological progress as dangerous and, in some cases, evil.
 Readers will both be engulfed by the story and provoked into thought about a question scientists, theologists, philosophers, storytellers, politicians and free-thinkers have asked for decades: Could Artificial Intelligence, as it keeps moving toward its full potential, evolve or destroy humanity?

About Dr. David Martorano:  Dr. Martorano is a visionary board-certified informatician and psychiatrist with a distinguished career in management and clinical care. After completing his medical training at Columbia University and his residency in psychiatry at UCLA’s Neuropsychiatric Institute, Dr. Martorano has dedicated over a decade to advancing clinical services and medical leadership.His expertise spans psychopharmacology, psychotherapy, and addiction treatment. He has honed his skills at prestigious institutions such as UCLA’s Addiction Medicine Clinic, Mood Disorders Clinic, Anxiety Disorders Clinic, and Interpersonal Psychotherapy Clinic. His research background includes groundbreaking work in reproductive neuroendocrinology at the Rockefeller Institute and contributions to electrophysiology and alternative medicine literature.

Houdini’s Last Handcuffs with Charlie and Cheryl Young

Harry Houdini’s magic, career and life were all fascinating. He escaped all kinds of restraints, encasements and situations. Still, there was one thing even the great Houdini could not escape: mortality, which hit him at an early age in 1926. He did, however, say he would try. Houdini reportedly told his wife, Bess, “If there is any way out. I will find it… I will find you and I will make contact with you on the anniversary of my death.” While that never happened, the escape artists’ fascination with spirituality and communication with those in the afterlife from his attempts to contact his deceased mother though to his own passing provide the background for this highly intriguing “what if” historical fiction book, Houdini’s Last Handcuffs, by Charles C. Young and Cheryl L. Young.
The Young siblings drew from their own childhood and family background, providing a real-life scenario for the book. Their father, Morris Young, was a stellar magician in his own right and hugely influenced by Houdini. In this alternative world, the authors take Houdini’s own dabblings into the spiritual realm to a new level, hypothesizing the potential of the performer’s resurrection.
Charles and Cheryl Young brilliantly balance Houdini’s own explorations into spiritualism, skepticism of the realm’s grifters, real artifacts from the escapologist’s performance years and the showman’s mystique while telling a captivating story through their younger selves’ eyes about what started as a mere curiosity which snowballed into a battle between good and evil involving not only powerful forces, but their own childhood friends.

Pick up the book here: Houdini’s Last Handcuffs by Charlie and Cheryl Young – VINE LEAVES PRESS

Dream Me Home: A Mind’s Adventure – In and Out of Consciousness with Laurie Elizabeth Murphy

Registered Nurse and Psychotherapist Laurie Elizabeth Murphy draws from her own experience working in the field to create a uniquely intellectual and entertaining mystery in her new book, Dream Me Home.
The idea of one’s real life and dreams intersecting into an interwoven story fascinated me. While I expect twists and curveballs involving the main characters, Laurie Elizabeth Murphy brings the reader into different planes and with this psychological mystery and, dare I say, mind’s adventure.
Ms. Murphy’s background as a nurse and in the psychological field enables her to present to the reader a more unique and thought-provoking journey quite different from the regular whodunnits and love/relationship stories. Many authors have combined the two, but Ms. Murphy introduces us into the minds and motives of the main protagonist through several means: her experiences, her conversations with a therapist and through her own dreams – all realized after a traumatic home invasion which gradually changed her life in several ways. The writer also looks more deeply into our own human emotions, desires and failings through the other main characters.
In Dream Me Home, Ms. Murphy offers the reader not only the thrills of a mystery, psychological drama and unexpected turns, she conveys real-life ponderances about marriage, crime, passion vs. true love, control and finding one’s true self.

Host Chris Cordani

Host Chris Cordani

Chris Cordani, host of Book Spectrum, used to love reading the backs and sides of cereal boxes, which led to him soon hearing about this place called the Library. After asking, “The library? What’s going on down there?” he decided to check it out. Years later, he created this podcast.

Through his career, Chris has created, hosted and produced several genres of talk and entertainment radio programs, creating and growing several throughout his career. Among his work, Chris also hosts the internationally-syndicated Revenge of the 80s Radio show, produces two shows airing in the NY-Metro market and worked in several capacities for stations of various formats throughout New York, including longtime talk station WOR. Through his work, Cordani creates content for radio shows and podcasts, books and interviews top newsmakers, leaders and celebrities from varied fields including entertainment, business, current events, politics, sports and history.

On Book Spectrum, we delve into some of the interesting new titles with their writers, peer into their minds, creative process and inspiration for their work.

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