We kick off Season 4 of Book Spectrum with Rick Cullerton, who tells the story of how he overcame mental illness, anxiety and verbal abuse to become a success in life and prominent vacation hotel owner in his new book Messed Up Like You.
Rick discusses his family life, how he learned entrepreneurship, how he hooked up with the wrong crowd, wound up in jail and later finally took over his own life — losing several pounds, turning his career around and becoming the man he truly wanted to be.

Weaved in and out of the book is Cullterton’s tale of how he got his pilot’s license, which is no small feat for anyone let alone a man with ADD and anziety.
Rick’s life is kind of like that of a movie character who had a lot of things happen to him, yet it all took place in the real world with no cameras, directors or actors.
Come to think of it, we are all messed up in one way or more.

Rick Culleton is a licensed pilot and successful entrepreneur in Texas and Costa Rica. He has won awards for tae kwon do and triathlons and earned recognition for his work with public schools in Texas and a nonprofit group in Costa Rica that supports at-risk children. Culleton and his wife, Katherine, have two children. His debut book, Messed Up Like You, shows how success comes not from talent but from effort.

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