As someone whose hair is thinning, I was intigued when hearing about Laser Phototherapy (LPT), which is eight times more powerful than any drug. That’s why I invited former NASA scientist Sayyid Tamim Hamid, LPT’s inventor and author of the book Grow it Back, as the first and only book to cover all aspects of laser treatment for hair. Tamim references extensive clinical studies and translates decades of research into easy-to-grasp terms so anyone can appreciate the benefits of this technology.Grow it Back could be a benchmark guide to understanding hair, a step by step guide on how to stop and regrow one’s hair and LPT through research, development, and innovation while educating readers about the advantages of using LPT over other types of treatment

Broken down into distinct sections, Grow it Back covers every aspect of hair growth and loss, hair treatments, and LPT, as well as the science behind how lasers can stop and regrow hair using LPT, Tamim’s own invention for treating hair loss. He begins with a discussion on the benefits and uses of light in health and the medical field. Next, he dives deep into the science behind hair, covering everything readers could possibly want to know about hair. This includes what types of shampoos to use, why biotin is worthless, what supplements are best for hair loss, and much more.

Get the book here: Grow It Back: How Laser Phototherapy Stops Hair Loss and Regrows Your Hair – Kindle edition by Hamid, Tamim. Professional & Technical Kindle eBooks @

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