We celebrate #Christmas in July with professional Caroler, Spreader of Cheer and Speaker Renae Baker, whose mission is to spread holiday cheer all year. In her book, Defeating Scrooge: How to Harness the Power of Christmas Carols to Revive Your Spirit Any Time of Year, Renae delves into the history of some of our favorite seasonal songs, their meanings and how they are relevant to what is happening today. Renae reveals why the joyous feelings and goodness of the Christmas season can help us all get through the pandemic, adversity and turmoil of the time.

In Defeating Scrooge, Renae tells of her own life and how she had the epiphany about the joys of the holiday season, spreading happiness to others and helping people battle their own adversity with the Christmas spirit became her calling in life.

Known as the “Carol Boss,” Renae is an author, speaker, workshop leader, acting and directing coach, voice over artist, singer and actor.  She is also a COVID-19 survivor.  Her “Spirit Saver” live workshops and online program are all part of her entire body of work as the founder/director of “I S.M.I.L.E. in New York Productions, LLC,” a company of Broadway holiday carolers, established in 1997. Renae and her carolers have been featured on many radio and television stations.

Renae’s Book on Amazon
Renae’s Website

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