The COVID-19 outbreak and government-induced shutdowns have caused mass unemployment, the loss of livelihoods, fear, depression, hopelessness and have separated families. During such times of uncertainty we must take advice, solace and guidance where we can find them.

On this episode of Book Spectrum, Rev. Dr. Robert L. Gram (a fellow Hudson Valley resident) discusses a guidebook he created, titled Christ & Covid-19: Meditations for Peace in Times of Turmoil, through the tunnel of these troublesome times to bring wisdom of the ages to those seeking comfort. The Reverend drew from his personal experiences and Biblical teachings to create an easy to read book which gives people of all backgrounds the inspiration to persevere in the face of doubt.

Rev. Gram talks with host Chris Cordani about the mental and physical health benefits of meditation as well as how practicing has helped him in his own life. This book is not only for followers of the Bible, says Gram, but all who want to find some peace in the middle of any tumultuous times.

Rev. Dr. Robert L. Gram: retired from full time ministry in 2017. Some pastors end their careers publishing sermons, prayers, or meditations, but when Rev. Gram left the parish, he overslept for the first three months, catching up for the gradual depletion most clerics experience after decades of service. About his inspiration to write, then compose this book, Rev. Gram says: “Covid-19 provided a challenge, like an onrushing train, which couldn’t be ignored. In the wake of the terror, a hope dispensing Jesus needed proclamation”

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